Hi! I'm Patricia.

I write about frontend development, sharing resources and my learning path.

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Responsive Footer

Wanting to give another go and practice a bit more responsiveness with CSS, I chose to work with footers as they also have columns, possible links and they can be found in almost any website. Therefore, while being a simple, it allowed me to...


Advent Calendar

Choosing the idea for this project was so easy. I wanted to learn and apply CSS and JavaScript, but also make something a bit more personal than the projects before. Designing the Advent Calendar and making it responsive was quite the trick...



For this small project, I created a simple and easy JavaScript analog clock. This project was the first one to be created after I finished Meta's Introduction Course on JavaScript. I wanted to create something more practical with JavaScript and used...

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about me

Frontend Developer

Creativity, communication and problem-solving were always part of my professional life and I always found a way to integrate new systems, technologies or programs in my work, making these constants to everything I have ever done. Now, I am playing (I really like using that word here) with HTML, CSS & JavaScript (and more to come!), applying responsive designs and various functionalities. In a strange way, I feel I am like webpages: adaptable in my environment, but keeping my creative touch intact.

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